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ESL Teacher at Black Fox

Murfreesboro City Schools
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Closing date
Jul 19, 2024

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Murfreesboro City Schools




CREDENTIALS: Holds valid Tennessee teaching license with area appropriate endorsements for services to children pre-school through sixth grade.

OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: The teacher must work cooperatively with children and adults; be able to successfully manage student behavior, follow directions; protect the confidentiality rights of parents and children; support child safety and good self-esteem; model appropriate grammar usage; communicate effectively; possess, use, and continue to develop teaching skills which result in expected student achievement. The teacher must be punctual and consistent in attendance. Teachers must be willing to work a year-round school calendar and/or a flexible schedule if called upon to do so.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to see, hear, and move quickly enough to provide for the safety and instructional needs of children. Must be able to articulate clearly. Must be physically active and interactive throughout the school day (i.e., be able to stand for extended periods of time, stoop, bend, do light lifting, push, pull, step, and have good finger dexterity). Must have emotional coping skills appropriate for the management of student behavior. Must tolerate environmental smells and substances commonly associated with children and educational institutions.

PRIMARY DUTIES: To perform teaching this results in appropriate student achievement and good self-esteem. To contribute to the successful operation of the total school and system program. To appropriately represent the system and the profession to parents and the community.


  1. To assist with the identification of potential ELL students
  2. To follow the locally adopted curriculum guide/s for the area/s taught
  3. To plan an appropriate instructional program to meet the needs of those students who require ESL
  4. To work with the classroom teacher in developing an instructional plan for the student
  5. To accommodate for varied learning styles and developmental levels within the classroom/program
  6. To create an environmental that will enhance and provide a climate that is conductive to language acquisition and learning
  7. To manage behavior in ways that maximize learning and the development of good self-esteem
  8. To help the ESL student gain an understanding of the American culture and help the mainstream student gain an under4standing of and respect for other cultures
  9. To use the appropriate assessment tools and know the standards that those tools represent
  10. To evaluate student performance and to share this information with the classroom teacher
  11. To plan, prepare, teach, assess, adjust, re-teach, and re-assess in order that appropriate documented student achievement results
  12. To be knowledgeable in current theories and methodologies in the area of language acquisition and to be confident in utilizing this knowledge for the benefit of the student
  13. To participate in school and system sponsored activities (i.e., parent clubs, fund raisers, field trips, extra-curricular, etc.)
  14. To be willing to attend staff development opportunities in the area of ESL and to be willing to dispense the information to school staff
  15. To conduct staff development training for staff on ESL interventions, classroom strategies, and cultural differences this may affect classroom behaviors, etc.
  16. To consult with parents, colleagues, and other appropriate individuals or agencies concerned with student achievement, behavior and development
  17. To faithfully serve on study, planning and advisory committees as assigned
  18. To maintain accurate and current student records, including but not limited to on-going documentation of progress and cumulative records
  19. To maintain individual student records, which will include assessment scores, language survey, an may include correspondence with parents, classroom teachers and samples of student work
  20. To attend required meetings and accurately complete required reports in a timely manner
  21. To stay abreast of current trends in the profession and maintain a flexible attitude toward the implementation of new ideas in the classroom/program
  22. To comply with applicable local, state, and federal policies and procedures

In addition to essential job functions listed above, perform other duties as assigned.

STAFF RELATIONSHIP: Directly responsible to the School Principal.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 200 Days. Local rate for salary and benefits negotiated annually by Board and Association. Exempt.

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