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5th Quarter ESL Summer Learning Academy Intern (Summer 2024)

Boston Public Schools
South Boston, Massachusetts
Closing date
Jul 16, 2024

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Job Role
Job Title: 5th Quarter ESL Summer Learning Academy Intern (Summer 2024)

Regular/Temporary: Temporary (June - August 2024)

Compensation: $25/ Hour


The OMME 5-Week Academic Enrichment program helps English/multilingual learners improve their language skills and reach their full potential. Our program is carefully crafted to cater to the unique needs of students with varying levels of English proficiency, enabling them to focus on specific aspects of language development, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Our interactive and engaging language-rich learning activities are designed with a project-based learning approach that fosters a supportive and enjoyable environment for students to practice and refine their language skills. The program features a comprehensive academic curriculum that includes Math and ESL/English Language Arts, ensuring that cognitively demanding tasks and grade-level complex texts are accessible to multilingual learners. In addition to academics, our program also offers a diverse range of enrichment activities, including STEM, Arts, Leadership Building, and Physical Fitness, tailored to the needs of English/multilingual learners entering 1st-12th grades.

Position Summary:

The 5th Quarter ESL Summer Learning Academy Intern plays an important role in supporting various core projects. Responsibilities include providing hiring support by identifying eligible ML summer staff candidates and verifying qualifications. Additionally, they assist in summer timesheet management and tracking, including generating accurate timesheets, establishing a centralized tracker, resolving discrepancies, and maintaining records. The intern's involvement extends to ML Summer Teacher's PD management and tracking, as well as conducting an inventory assessment for the Summer Material Inventory at Boston Latin Academy. This internship offers a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in managing educational programs, providing support to multilingual learners, and ensuring the smooth operation of the programs.


TalentEd Hiring Support:
  • Utilize the "2024 SLA Staff Candidates Sheet" as a reference to identify eligible EL summer staff candidates for hire.
  • Collaborate with the ML Supplemental Services Program Manager to ensure a smooth hiring process for ML summer staff using the TalentEd platform.
  • Review the applications and qualifications of ML staff members who have applied for employment and match them with the appropriate positions within the OMME-sponsored summer programs.
  • Verify that the selected ML staff members meet the required qualifications, such as licensure or endorsements, as specified in the job postings.
  • Maintain clear and organized records of the hiring process.

Summer Time Sheet Management and Tracking:
  • Collect necessary information from OMME-sponsored programs to generate accurate Summer Timesheets for all OMME-funded summer staff members.
  • Collaborate with the ML Supplemental Service Program Manager to establish a centralized timesheet tracker for easy management and monitoring.
  • Ensure that all OMME-sponsored summer staff members are included in the timesheet tracker to track their hours worked during the summer period.
  • Coordinate with the ML Supplemental Service Program Manager to submit the actual timesheets in the Boston Public Schools summer payroll system.
  • Create a tracker specifically for timesheet discrepancies, including any missing or incorrect information, and proactively address and resolve any payment issues.
  • Collaborate with the ML Supplemental Service Program Manager to reconcile any discrepancies and ensure accurate and timely payment for summer staff.
  • Keep records of all timesheet-related activities, including communications, approvals, and any adjustments made, for future reference and auditing purposes.

ML Summer Teachers PD Management and Tracking:
  • Keep track of attendance and participation in PD sessions, documenting the hours completed by each individual.
  • Maintain a record of the required end products for each summer PD and track the completion status of individuals.
  • Develop a spreadsheet or tracking system to monitor and manage the progress of individuals in completing the required end products.
  • Regularly update the spreadsheet or tracking system with information on individuals who have completed all the required end products.
  • Collaborate with the ML Supplemental Services Program Manager for issuing PDPs to provide necessary information for submission in Vector Solution.
  • Ensure accurate and timely submission of PDPs who have completed the required end products.

Summer Material Inventory at BLA
  • Conduct a detailed inventory assessment of all instructional materials related to ML supplemental services located in the basement of Boston Latin Academy (BLA).
  • Sort and categorize the instructional materials based on their subjects, grade levels, or any other relevant criteria.
  • Check the condition of each item and identify any damaged, outdated, or unusable materials that need to be removed from the inventory.
  • Determine the quantity of each instructional material available and compare it against the established minimum and maximum stock levels.
  • Update the inventory database or create a new one, if necessary, to accurately track and manage the instructional material inventory.
  • Identify any missing or misplaced instructional materials and work on locating or replacing them.
  • Create a comprehensive report summarizing the inventory findings, including current stock levels, shortages or excesses, and recommendations for reordering or redistributing materials.

Qualifications - Required:
  • Possess a High School Diploma or GED Possess at least 48 credit hours of advanced coursework, or a college degree Associate, Bachelor, Master, or other graduate work
  • 1-2 years experience in educational settings
  • Familiarity with data organization, collection, and analysis, along with expertise in ongoing research and evaluation development

Qualifications - Preferred:
  • Experience working with diverse student populations
  • Proficiency in using educational technology tools for data management and analysis
  • Prior involvement in summer educational programs or initiatives
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to convey information effectively to diverse stakeholders


The Boston Public Schools, in accordance with its nondiscrimination policies, does not discriminate in its programs, facilities, or employment or educational opportunities on the basis of race, color, age, criminal record (inquiries only), disability, homelessness, sex/gender, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, genetics or military status, and does not tolerate any form of retaliation, or bias-based intimidation, threat or harassment that demeans individuals' dignity or interferes with their ability to learn or work.

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