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ESL - English Language Development Teacher

Oregon Public Schools
Central Point, Oregon
Closing date
Jun 26, 2024

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Job Title: ESL - English Language Development Teacher Category: Middle School Teaching

School District #6 is located in the famous Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon, nestled between the Cascade and Siskiyou Mountain ranges. The area abounds with opportunities - natural, theatrical, musical, educational and athletic. The entire school district is being restructured with an eye toward further improving our already excellent program. Our goal is to add innovative and energetic teachers who are committed equally to kids and to educational improvement and who want to be part of creative decision making.

POSITION: ELD Teacher BUILDING: Scenic and Hanby Middle Schools POSITION START DATE: August, 2024

COMPENSATION and BENEFITS: $44,848.65 - $84,652.92, depending upon approved accepted experience. Salary rate is based on 2023/2024 schedule. 2024/2025 pay rate is TBD. Service Premium pay after completion of 10 years of employment with the district as per contract Annual COLA pay increase (as negotiated with Oregon Education Association) Annual step pay increase awarded to eligible employees 6 paid holidays annually 10 paid sick leave days per year 2 paid personal leave days per year 3 paid personal leave deduct sub pay per year 5 paid bereavement leave days per year Up to $1,780 per month district-paid contribution toward full-family medical, dental and vision insurance $600. per month opt-out stipend for employees who demonstrate other health insurance coverage under a qualifying employer sponsored group medical plan (for full-time employees) Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 6% district-paid contribution towards Oregon Public Employees Retirement System $50. per month employer match into a tax sheltered annuity when employee contributes $50. per month (after employee completes three years with the district)

  1. Will possess Oregon Teaching License with ESOL endorsement.
  2. A willingness to be actively involved in teaming, curriculum integration, shared decision making.

  1. Complete Frontline application online
  2. Complete resume' of qualifications
  3. (3) Letters of reference
  4. Copy of appropriate Oregon Teaching License
  5. Official transcripts upon hire



Purpose: The Teacher plans and implements an instructional program that fosters learning and growth, creates a supportive learning environment that enables acquisition of skills and knowledge, and guides students toward reaching their academic, social, intellectual and physical potential.

Reports to: Principal or Assistant Principal

Nature of Work: The Teacher works under general supervision. The nature of the work requires strict adherence to policies, procedures, regulations, and laws. The incumbent interfaces daily with students, parents, school administrative staff and school employees. Because this job involves frequent interaction with students, the position requires a high level of professional decorum, excellent judgment, a calm and appropriate demeanor, and the capacity to serve as a role model to young people.

Supervision Exercised: No direct supervision exercised over District employees. May provide dotted-line supervision of classified staff. May supervise student teachers and volunteers.

Interface: Primarily interfaces with students, other teachers, school administrators, school staff, and parents.

Essential Job Functions: Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy, identifying important concepts and their relationships to one another, providing clear explanations, answering questions accurately, providing effective feedback, and developing suitable instructional strategies. Demonstrates knowledge of students by being aware of students' varying levels of cognitive development, by becoming informed about different cultural groups and incorporating that knowledge in lesson planning, and by remaining cognizant of the special needs of any student. Sets instructional outcomes by setting high and rigorous expectations related to central concepts of the discipline; by pursuing outcomes grounded in expectations of what students will learn (rather than do); by ensuring outcomes represent various types of knowledge, including factual knowledge, conceptual understanding, reasoning and social interaction; and by ensuring that outcomes are suitable to various groups of students in a given classroom. Demonstrates knowledge of resources by ensuring that texts and other written are at varied levels, supplementing instructional materials with guest speakers and field experiences, facilitating the use of multidisciplinary and online resources; and expanding knowledge through professional training opportunities. Designs coherent instruction by matching learning activities to instructional outcomes, by providing opportunities for higher-level thinking, by providing material and resources that are appropriately challenging, by organizing student groups to maximize learning and building on strengths, and by ensuring that lesson plans are structured with reasonable time allocations. Designs student assessments by ensuring that learning outcomes are assessed in a manner that matches expectations and are clearly communicated, modifying assessments as necessary, using formative assessments during instruction, and crafting lesson plans to allow for adjustments based on formative assessment data. Creates an environment of respect and rapport by ensuring that classroom communication is uniformly respectful, by responding effectively to disrespectful or off-task behavior, by ensuring that students participate willingly, and by making general connections with individual students. Establishes a culture of learning by communicating the importance of the content and that with hard work students can reach their full potential. Demonstrates high regard for student abilities by conveying high expectations of student effort, by eliciting student effort to achieve high-quality work, and by insisting on precise use of language by students. Manages classroom procedures by engaging students proactively during small group or independent work, by transitioning smoothly between large and small group activities, by establishing efficient routines for the distribution and collection of materials, and by ensuring that classroom routines function smoothly. Manages student behavior through the establishment and implementation of effective standards of conduct, and by ensuring that student behavior is generally appropriate. Frequently monitors student behavior and effectively responds to misbehavior. Organizes physical space by ensuring that the classroom is safe, and that all students are able to see and hear the teacher and see the board.Arranges classroom to support instructional goals and activities and makes appropriate use of available technology. Effectively communicates with students by stating clearly what students will be learning and clearly explaining content. Invites student participation and thinking; avoids content errors; describes specific strategies students might use and invites students to interpret them in the context of their learning.Promotes student engagement with the learning task and seeks indicators that they understand instructions. Models process to be followed if necessary, employs correct vocabulary and usage appropriate to the lesson, explains vocabulary as needed, and ensures vocabulary is appropriate to student age and development. Uses questioning and discussion techniques, employing open-ended questions that invite students to think and offer multiple possible answers. Makes effective use of wait time, enabling students to talk without ongoing mediation by teacher. Calls on most students, including those who don't initially volunteer, engages many students in active discussion, and prompts students to justify their reasoning. Engages students in learning by ensuring that students are intellectually engaged. Encourages higher-order thinking by creating tasks with multiple correct approaches, inviting students to explain their thinking. Ensures materials and resources require intellectual engagement; paces lessons to provide students time to engage. and uses groupings suitable to lesson activities. Uses assessments in instruction, making standards of high-quality work clear. Elicits evidence of student understanding, invites students to assess their own work, and provides feedback with specific and timely guidance. Demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness.Incorporates student interests into lesson, employing alternate approaches when students encounter difficulty, and making adjustments to the lesson as needed. Reflects on teaching. Accurately assesses effectiveness of instruction and identifies specific ways to improve lessons. Maintains accurate records. Establishes efficient processes for recording student work, attainment of learning goals and non-instructional information. Ensures student access to information about assignments, enabling students to see how they're progressing. Communicates with families, making information about instruction regularly available. Routinely makes available information about student progress and develops activities to engage families in their children's learning. Ensures communications with families are appropriate to cultural norms. Is present at school to fulfill daily necessary professional obligations, including student conferences, class preparation, curriculum improvement, staff and in-service meetings, and parent conferences. Participates in a professional learning community, maintaining supportive and collaborative relationships with colleagues. Participates in school events and community activities and projects. Grows and develops professionally. Seeks regular opportunities for continued professional development. Welcomes classroom supervision to gain insight and feedback. Shows professionalism. Demonstrates honesty and high standards of integrity. Actively addresses student needs, working to provide opportunities for student success.Participates in team and departmental decision making, and complies with District regulations. Maintains effective and respectful working relationships with staff and students.

The statements contained above reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may at times perform other duties as assigned which could include work in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise to balance the workload.

Required Qualifications: Current TSPC Licensure with endorsement in the assigned subject area. Meets Title III requirements which stipulate that all teachers of English Learners be fluent in both oral and written English language, as determined by District assessment(s).

Working Conditions: The Teacher works primarily in a school building. Although the primary work is indoors, the Teacher may on occasion work outdoors supervising students in variable weather conditions, including inclement weather. Some teachers may have assignments that require extensive amounts of time outside. The incumbent must be able to stand and/or walk for long periods of time. The incumbent will need to walk quickly at times, as well as speak and hear in often loud environments. The work environment may include exposure to unpleasant interior temperatures, dirt, and communicable diseases.

The position involves high level of interaction with students and families from multiple and diverse backgrounds, many with unique needs. Mental demands on the Teacher are considerable. The incumbent must maintain composure under stress, and must manage him or herself in the presence of emotionally challenging interactions with staff, students, and parents.

Planning, assessment and communications with student and families include frequent, prolonged, and irregular hours, including evening and weekend time.

Work Year: As negotiated in collective bargaining agreement. Bargaining Unit: Central Point Education Association FLSA Status: Exempt Date Approved: tbd Date Revised: May 9, 2018

The Central Point School District recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups. It is the policy of the Central Point School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans' status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.

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