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K-2 ESL Elementary Teacher

Rapides Parish Schools
Alex, Louisiana
Closing date
Jun 18, 2024

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FLSA: Exempt


As set forth in Louisiana Standards for State Certification of School Personnel (Bulletin 746)


School Principal


Students and Teacher Aide


To plan, direct and evaluate the learning experiences of each pupil through appropriate instruction


Nine Months or Ten Months


Nine or Ten Month Teacher Salary Schedule


I. Instructional Responsibilities

A. To establish learning objectives, immediate and long range, with written minimum, daily, weekly or unit lesson plan which shall be available in the Planning shall provide for systematic growth in fundamental knowledge, skills, appreciation, and attitudes

B. To teach effectively
  • Using class time for teaching designated subject matter as outlined by Board approved Program Structure, Curriculum Guides, and/or policies
  • Using a variety of techniques to stimulate learning
  • Using a variety of curriculum materials
  • Differentiating assignments to meet individual needs
  • Explaining assignments
  • Limiting homework, making it meaningful to what is being taught
  • Evaluating the pupil's learning frequently with a view to improvement of teaching and learning. Frequent teacher made tests shall be given during each grading period for proper pupil

C. To make provision for individual differences by using effective grouping, procedures or individualizing instruction, utilizing a variety of materials to the pupils' level

D. To maintain an atmosphere in the class conducive to learning

E. To demonstrate an understanding of child growth and development, showing respect

for the individuality of every child

F. To exhibit substantial knowledge of subject matter and the curriculum objectives

G. To maintain control, promote self-discipline, character and respect for others through use of positive control techniques in keeping with state law, board policy, and school rules and regulations

H. To use orderly procedures for normal classroom control in learning activities, with simple and consistent routines for roll check, collections (money, papers, ), handling materials, sharpening pencils, etc. Learning activities shall be provided during these routines which will assure effective use of time.

II. Administrative Responsibilities

A. To follow the rules and regulations of assigned school and the Rapides Parish

School Board

B. To follow a time and/or duty schedule authorized by the school principal for the school

day and extra-curricular activities

C. That non-duty personnel report to school ten minutes before school begins and remain

ten minutes after school closes

D. To sign in and out of school on appropriate forms/computer

E. To be in the assigned classroom or other area of responsibility when the class period.

A class shall not be left unsupervised

F. To remain at school during the school day unless permission is obtained from the Principal

G. To be responsible for attending any administrative and/or professional meetings called

by the Principal

H. To notify the Principal in case of absence in sufficient time to secure a substitute;

to notify the Principal in advance of plans to return to school

I. To follow guidelines as set for the Rapides Parish School Board staff

J. To maintain an attractive and clean classroom

K. To account for and be responsible for the care of all textbooks, pupil desks, other

furniture, equipment and instructional materials which are in or are assigned to the teacher's classroom, laboratory or other areas of responsibility

L. To be neat and accurate in completing required records and reports, turning these in

promptly and on time

M. To be responsible for field trips
  • Obtain permission of the Principal
  • Get parents written consent
  • Make certain the trip has educational value related to current classroom instruction
  • Properly prepare pupils for the field trip experiences and to follow-up on return
  • Be sure that all vehicles have public liability insurance and that all drivers are properly licensed
  • Assure that trips are adequately chaperoned and that pupils are properly supervised by teacher and chaperones
  • Assure that all children are picked up, upon return, by parents, guardian or authorized person, before the teacher No child shall be left unattended

III. Professional Responsibilities

A. To exhibit enthusiasm and self-confidence, assuming a positive attitude about the possibility for growth and development of all pupils

B. To maintain good public relations, making positive contributions to parents' understanding of pupils' progress

C. To be ethical in contacts with parents and other laymen, fellow professionals and pupils

D. To participate in faculty and system-wide in-service programs, keeping current by taking credit or non-credit college courses applicable to the area of responsibility for teaching, taking part in appropriate workshops and conferences, and reading current professional literature

E. To be loyal to the administration of the school system and the school

F. To establish and execute a professional growth plan in accordance with the Rapides Parish School Board Personnel Evaluation Plan

G. To teach in accordance with the Compass rubric

Domains and Components will be used for teacher evaluation in conjunction with measures of student growth. Measures of student growth will be aligned with the Rapides Parish Personnel Evaluation Plan as outlined in the Louisiana Accountability System.

Domain 1:

Planning and Preparation - 1CR Setting Instructional Outcomes

The teacher values, sequences and aligns curriculum enabling students to build their understanding of important ideas from concept to concept.

The teacher designs and structures lessons so that learner outcomes are at an appropriate cognitive level.

The teacher writes and plans multi-disciplinary outcomes for student learning, not student activity. The teacher differentiates outcomes and instruction for students of varied abilities.

The teacher creates and/or uses a variety of assessment tools that are curriculum-aligned and challenging.

Domain 2:

The Classroom Environment - 2CR Managing Classroom Procedures

The teacher helps students to develop skills to work purposefully and cooperatively in groups.

The teacher facilitates lessons that engage students in different types of activities-large groups, small groups and independent work.

The teacher ensures smooth functioning of all routines and maximizes instructional time.

Domain 3:

Instruction - 3BR Questioning and Discussion Techniques

The teacher develops and presents questions that cause students to think and reflect; resulting in a deeper understanding of the topic.

The teacher promotes learning through discussion.

The teacher uses a range of techniques to ensure that all students contribute to the discussion and enlists the assistance of students to ensure this outcome.

Instruction - 3CR Engaging Students in Learning

The teacher facilitates activities and assignments that promote learning and are aligned with the goals of the lesson.

The teacher groups students for instruction in a variety of ways using factors such as similar backgrounds, ability levels, as well as random groupings.

The teacher selects instructional materials suited to engaging students in understanding and learning at a deeper level.

The teacher delivers lessons that are appropriately structured and paced.

Instruction - 3DR Using Assessment in Instruction

The teacher aligns assessment to the curriculum.

The teacher informs students of the criteria for assessment.

The teacher monitors student learning using a variety of techniques.

The teacher will provide valuable feedback in a timely, constructive and substantive manner.

The teacher will promote student self-assessment and student self-monitoring of their progress.

IV. Personal Responsibilities

A. To observe standards of conduct inside and outside of school, demonstrating integrity and dependability, setting a desirable example for pupils

B. To set a good example for pupils by dressing appropriately and being well groomed within the provisions of the dress code adopted by the Board

C. To use language which is void of vulgarity, lewdness, coarseness or profanity

D. To maintain self-control and poise

E. To maintain good general health with the physical vitality to perform the duties of an effective teacher

F. To enunciate clearly in a pleasant, controlled voice, expressing ideas clearly, employing good English usage

G. To demonstrate ability to adjust to new situations, showing control and effectiveness under pressures, demonstrating a mature understanding of problems

H. To accept responsibility commensurate with assigned tasks, meeting obligations to pupils and staff on time

I. To be in attendance at work except for personal illness or emergency as defined by the policies of the Rapides parish School Board

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