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2024-2025 High School English as a Second Language Teacher (ESL)

Lakewood Public School District
Lakewood, New Jersey
Closing date
Jun 24, 2024

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2024-2025 High School English as a Second Language Teacher (ESL) JobID: 367

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High School Teaching/ESL

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Lakewood High School

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High School English as a Second Language Teacher (ESL)

Reports to: The appropriate administrator(s) and/or supervisor(s), as indicated in the district's and respective school's organizational chart(s)

  • Possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Education or a related field and proper NJ State Certification (must be biligual certified)
  • Understanding and experience with curriculum design, planning, and instruction
  • Strong communication skills

JOB SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Building Principal and Curriculum/Special Education supervisors, the teacher will plan and provide for appropriate learning experiences for students.

  • Demonstrates knowledge, and understanding of child growth and development, effective instructional strategies, classroom management, learning assessments, diagnosis, and research related to learning
  • Demonstrates knowledge of current educational research, trends, and best practices
  • Plans, organizes, and provides instruction to students based on the district curriculum and district evaluation rubric
  • Develops, selects, and modifies instructional materials and activities to meet the needs of all learners
  • Incorporates district initiatives into instruction
  • Monitors and evaluates student progress against instructional objectives
  • Provides oral and written feedback to students (as appropriate based on age and developmental level)
  • Supervises students in a variety of settings
  • Monitors appropriate use and care of equipment and materials
  • Maintains an organized classroom
  • Maintains accurate and effective records for instructional/non-instructional u:se
  • Communicates and interacts with students, parents, and staff
  • Works cooperatively with administrators and co-workers
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Able to use web based programs

Teaching Framework Responsibilities (adapted from the Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson):

  • The teacher will plan and demonstrate practices that reflect knowledge of the content, prerequisite relationships between concepts, and the instructional practices specific to the discipline or subject which will be taught
  • The teacher will seek knowledge of students' backgrounds, culture, skills, language proficiency, interests, and special needs and apply this knowledge to assist his/her students
  • The teacher will develop instructional outcomes that are of appropriate rigor and are suitable for his/her students. The teacher will create viable methods to assess the students in a variety of ways. The instructional outcomes created will be aligned to the Common Core Standards
  • The teacher will ensure that he/she is aware of the resources available through the school/district to enhance his/her own knowledge, to use in teaching, or for students who need them
  • The teacher will coordinate knowledge of content, of students, and of resources, to design a series of learning experiences aligned to instructional outcomes, address the Common Core Standards and are suitable for his/her students.
  • The teacher will plan for student assessment in a manner which is aligned with the instructional outcomes and Common Core Standards. The teacher will use clear criteria, that are appropriate to the needs of the students. The teacher will use assessment results to plan for future instruction for students.

  • The teacher will interact with his/her students' in a friendly manner which demonstrates caring and respect.
  • The teacher will develop a classroom culture that is characterized by commitment to learning by the teacher and students.
  • The teacher will plan for small group instruction in which students are productively engaged in the learning while unsupervised by the teacher
  • The teacher will create routines to assist with smooth transitions
  • Routines for handling materials and supplies will occur smoothly with little loss of instructional time
  • The teacher will use efficient procedures to perform non-instructional duties so that there is a minimal loss of instructional time
  • The teacher will ensure that the standards of conduct are clear to all students
  • The teacher will monitor and effectively respond to students misbehavior in a timely fashion. The teacher's response to students misbehavior will be appropriate to the situation and respectful to the students
  • The teacher will ensure that the classroom is safe, and that the physical arrangement of the classroom/learning environment is appropriate to the learning activities. The teacher will make skillful use of physical resources including technology

  • The teacher will clearly communicate the instructional purpose of the lessons being taught
  • The teacher will provide students with directions that are clear
  • The teacher will explain the content of the lessons in a clear and accurate manner
  • The teacher's spoken and written language is clear and correct. The vocabulary that will be used with the students should be age appropriate and pique students' interest
  • A majority of the teacher's questions/prompts will be high quality, related to the lesson objectives, and invite a thoughtful response from the students
  • The teacher will engage all students in the discussion and encourage the students to respond to each other
  • The teacher will create lessons that are aligned with the Instructional outcomes, Common Core Standards, are appropriate to the developmental level of the students, and facilitate the students in constructing knowledge. The teacher will create lessons which have a clearly defined structure and ensure that the pacing of the lessons are appropriate (providing students with the time needed to intellectually engage in their learning). The teacher will select materials and resources that are suitable to the instructional purposes of the lesson and which will engage the students
  • The teacher will use assessments to support instruction through frequent monitoring of progress by both teacher and students. The teacher will ensure that the students are aware of the assessment criteria which will be used to evaluate their work. Diagnostic prompts will be used to diagnose/provide evidence of learning
  • The teacher will modify the lesson being taught as needed and respond to students' questions and interests. The teacher will seek out alternative approaches for students who have difficulty learning

  • The teacher will be able to reflect on lessons that were taught and provide an accurate and objective description of the lesson. The teacher will be able to provide suggestions as to how to improve the lesson
  • The teacher will maintain accurate records for student completion of assignm,ents, student progress in learning, and for non-instructional purposes
  • The teacher will communicate frequently with families and successfully engage them in the instructional program. The teacher will communicate to families in a cultural, appropriate manner
  • The teacher will maintain a positive and productive relationship with colleagues, administrators, and parents. The teacher will participate in the professional community and in district/school events and projects
  • The teacher will seek out opportunities for professional development to enhance content knowledge and pedagogical skill
  • The teacher will welcome feedback from supervisors and colleagues
  • The teacher will actively assist other educators
  • The teacher will display a high level of honesty, integrity, ethics, and professionalism in dealing with students, colleagues, administrators, parents, and the public
  • The teacher will actively attempt to service students
  • The teacher will ensure that all students receive a fair opportunity to succeed
  • The teacher will comply with all school/district regulations

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Ten (10) months Fringe benefits according to the LEA contract agreement. Employees offered State Health Benefits. Vision and Dental Coverage are at no payroll deduction.

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