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Assistant Professor, ESL/Bilingual Education

National Louis University
United States
Closing date
Sep 29, 2023

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Job Role
The Assistant Professor, ESL/Bilingual Education is a full-time non-tenure track, 10-month, faculty position in the Undergraduate College at National Louis University. The position is based in Chicago, and applicants must be willing to teach at other Chicago metropolitan area campuses, remote and online, as needed. This position is campus based and candidates are required to be on campus five days a week during the first six-months of employment.

This position requires a background in ESL/Bilingual Education, with considerable experience and/or credentialing in ESL/Bilingual Education, dual language programming, translanguaging in classroom settings, ESL/Bilingual/Dual Language curriculum and other aspects of teaching ESL/Bilingual and multilingual students in ECE, ELE, MGE and/or SEC settings. The role will have primary responsibility for the previously mentioned areas that prepare students for a teaching career in ESL/Bilingual Education. This person manages multiple courses in the ESL/Bilingual Concentration for undergraduate students at NLU, a program that leads to the ESL and Bilingual subsequent endorsements in the state of Illinois. The ideal candidate possesses not only content knowledge in ESL/Bilingual Education, but also has experience as a classroom teacher in ESL/Bilingual and/or Dual Language classrooms, and knowledge of the licensure and credentialing requirements for ESL/Bilingual teaching in Illinois.

This position is responsible for the recruitment, training and evaluation of adjunct faculty teaching in the program and, as such, supports colleagues to feel valued, understood and empowered to enact instructional excellence and innovative methods of student support. As a full time faculty member in Undergraduate Educator Preparation, this role also contributes to student success through data informed practices, service to the university, and overall support of initiatives across the department designed to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for students.

Demonstrate excellence in teaching:
  • Teach courses as assigned, eight per year in a blended format in Chicago and Wheeling campuses, primarily during the day (online or virtual as needed).
  • Collaborate with Instructional, Student Advising, Success Coaching, and Career Services teams to develop an effective student experience for students.
  • Facilitate courses by delivering engaging instruction in a blended, flipped classroom environment.
  • Empower students to develop competency by sharing a passion for the subject and skills being taught.
  • Teach from a culturally responsive pedagogical framework, infusing the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading standards into all aspects of teaching-modeling this approach to teacher candidates as they prepare to teach diverse student populations in the field.
  • Communicate professionally and relate well to others.
  • Participate in faculty professional development activities.

Service to the Institution:
  • Contribute to a learning culture by participating on committees, supporting local campus events such as clubs, orientation, graduation, and participating in various other workshops and meetings.
  • Engage in data informed practice through regular activities including Student Success Collaborative (SSC) meetings, supporting the annual report/program review process, and regularly reviewing pertinent course/assessment data to ensure positive student experiences and outcomes.
  • Manage a distinct set of courses: oversee curriculum, hire and train adjunct faculty to teach courses, observe faculty and provide regular and substantive feedback based on faculty performance, support student success in courses managed, and collaborate with faculty across the department to ensure a consistent and high quality learning experience for students (in both the face to face and online environment).
  • Promote the major and career outcomes to internal and external stakeholders in order to achieve recruitment targets, student retention goals, and maintain high graduation rates.

  • Master's Degree, Doctorate Degree preferred in any area of Education, ESL/Bilingual Education or similar.
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred, currently holds (or previously held) a Bilingual Endorsement (Spanish Language) and a Professional Educator”s License in Illinois.
  • Three plus (3+) years of experience teaching in an ESL/Bilingual and/or Dual Language classroom, with demonstrated success in the development of ESL/Bilingual instruction; preferred: Demonstrated record of teaching excellence in a university or college setting
  • Three plus(3+) years of demonstrated ability to work with racially, culturally and economically diverse colleagues and students.
  • Three plus (3+) years of commitment to student success, student professional growth, effective professional advising, and experiential education.
  • Three plus (3+) years of experience using data for improvement purposes.
  • Three plus (3+) years of evidence of engagement and service to the field.
  • Three plus (3+) years of excellent oral and written communication skills.

Assessing Student Progress: Uses varied and appropriate measures of student progress and achievement level (e.g., does not rely on a single testing format). Assessment methods (e.g., quizzes, tests and other progress indicators) provide fair, accurate and meaningful criteria for measuring academic achievement levels. Assesses student growth beyond the realm of academic knowledge or problem-solving (e.g., assesses character development, ability to work on teams, etc.)

Building Student Confidence and Engagement: Expresses genuine confidence that students can (and will) be successful as learners. Is fully engaged as a teacher, and demonstrates enthusiasm about the subject at hand. Encourages active participation, including questions from students, making it clear that everyone is in a safe place to give an incorrect answer, or to ask a question that may reveal a lack of current mastery of facts or concepts. Varies teaching methods, adjusts the pace, frequently asks questions and incorporates energizing activities to maximize engagement.

Demonstrating Content Knowledge Curriculum: Stays up-to-date on the subject matter, making certain that material presented, and answers to student questions, reflect current knowledge and concepts in the field. Aligns instruction to match the required curriculum and paces the course to ensure adequate coverage of all aspects of that curriculum. Stresses and highlights the most important points and concepts, especially when student achievement will be based upon department-wide or standardized tests.

Fostering and Maintaining a Respectful Environment: Communicates a clear expectation that everyone (including each student) is responsible for maintaining a respectful school environment. Consistently advocates and models respect for each person (or group). Takes timely and appropriate action to address any situation in which someone's words or behavior fails to demonstrate respect for others, leaving no doubt about personal commitment to this principle.

Knowing Students as Individuals: Spends time learning about each student, assessing current interest level for learning in general and for the subject matter in particular. Notices which learning activities tend to engage each individual the most. Assesses each student's general learning capabilities, performance level and apparent level of confidence. Looks for evidence of unmet special needs and other obstacles to learning. Learns about each student's life outside the classroom (e.g., personal interests, cultural background, level of family support, potential sources of distraction, etc.)

Cross-Cultural Sensitivity/Compassion: Demonstrates an awareness of, and sensitivity to, the needs and concerns of individuals from different cultures. Makes adjustments in how he or she communicates out of respect for cultural differences and minimizes the number of cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Handling Difficult Issues: Handles sensitive or difficult issues with grace and confidence. Remains clear-headed and focused and inspires others to do the same. Remains objective in the face of strong emotions. Can acknowledge strong emotions without being unduly influenced by their intensity.

NLU Inclusion Statement:

National Louis University is deeply committed to serving its community, advancing access and equity, and ensuring that all individuals are welcomed and valued. We are dedicated to fostering a culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion remain at the core of who we are. These are more than just words to us: they are truly a way of life for the NLU community. We recognize that differences in abilities, age, ethnicity, gender (identity and expression), race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and background bring richness to our work environment. We affirm diverse perspectives, innovative contributions, and authentic presentations of self from every member within the NLU community. We believe inclusion is grounded in the actions we intentionally take each day. Our goal is to inspire and empower NLU employees and community members to cultivate an environment where we collectively focus on uplifting and advancing our institutional culture.

Please Include the following with your Application:
- Curriculum Vitae
- Cover Letter
- Transcripts (Official or Unofficial)
Optional Additional Attachments:
- Teaching Philosophy
- Sample Syllabus
- Additional Licenses/Certifications
- Course Evaluations
- Letters of Recommendation

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