Bilingual Teacher (K-8 BIL ESL)

Chicago Public Schools
United States
Closing date
Sep 25, 2023

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CLASS TITLE: Dual Language Coordinator

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE CLASS: Under the supervision of the school principal, responsible for instruction, specialized services and support to students for the purposes of developing the students' ability to effectively perform courses of study in the English language, discipline of all students in assigned classes, and performs related duties as required.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Responsible for instructional planning, including, but not limited to, providing lessons plans and preparation for each assigned student in accordance with the objectives of the instructional program, Chicago Public Schools' policies and procedures, Illinois Learning Standards, and state and federal law; administering tests and language assessments for the purpose of evaluating students' language ability; assessing students' progress, expectations, and goals in the bilingual program, developing and delivering lesson plans that utilize appropriate instructional techniques that enable limited English proficient students to overcome barriers that impede equal participation by these students in the district's instructional programs; establishing positive learning expectation standards for students, and evaluating students' progress and maintaining current and accurate records of students' achievements; implementing instructional methods, including, but not limited to applying contemporary principles of learning theory and teaching methodology, drawing from the range of instructional materials available in the school, participating in the development and implementation of new teaching techniques, and providing bulletin board and interest areas reflective of students' current work; exhibiting and applying knowledge of the curriculum content related to subject areas and instructional level; participating in programs to improve student attendance; promoting anti-vandalism programs in the schools; establishing and maintaining responsible rules of conduct within the classroom and on school grounds, including but not limited to, playgrounds, corridors, and lunchrooms, consistent with the provisions of the Chicago Public Schools' Uniform Discipline Code; maintaining accurate attendance records and seating charts, encouraging student growth in self-discipline and positive self-concept; ensures fairness in teacher-student relationships and exhibits and understanding and respect for students; initiating appropriate conferences with parents, guardians, administrators, and/or ancillary personnel, in accordance with school procedures; communicating with parents or guardians and counsels students on the student's academic progress, attendance, and conduct; participating in in-service meetings and professional staff meetings and using pertinent information and materials provided; may coordinate and attend class field trips; may work in extra-curricular and after-school activities; utilizing appropriate resources available in the community.


Education Required:
  • Hold grade-level appropriate Professional Educator License (PEL) (i.e., elementary school PEL for elementary school, high school PEL for high school)
  • Hold a Bilingual license in the partner language
  • Master's Degree preferred

Position Requirement:
  • Strongly believes in the Dual Language mission and vision adopted by CPS
  • Demonstrates knowledge of standards-based instruction
  • Has high expectations and believes that all ELs can succees
  • Possesses excellent organizational, writing, and communication skills
  • Advocates for high-quality instruction for all students
  • Bilingual/biliterate (English and the partner language)
  • Knowledgeable of district policies and procedures for ELs

Experience Required:
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience teaching in a bilingual classroom/dual language classroom
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as an English Language Program Teacher (ELPT)
  • Experience creating and delivering professional learning
  • Strong background in literacy development in English and the partner language

Education and Experience:Successful completion of all student teaching requirements as well as all course work required to obtain the appropriate teaching license(s) issued by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Licensure Requirements Must possess the appropriate Illinois State Board of Education issued educator license with a bilingual endorsement in the grade level being taught.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skill: Knowledge of subject matter consistent with state certification requirements, knowledge of contemporary principles and practices of teaching, knowledge of classroom and behavior management techniques which includes the following:

Ability to modify instruction to meet student needs, ability to cooperate with the school faculty and administration in the development and implementation of an articulated program of instruction, ability to work effectively with students, parents, and guardians, staff members, and community representatives in providing an appropriate educational program; ability to understand the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional patterns of students.

Skill in the application of contemporary principles and practices of teaching, good oral and written communication skills, good interpersonal skills, skill in exercising sound and professional judgment.

:Dual Language Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attends required OLCE Professional Development for Dual Language Coordinators (DLC) and takes the learning back to the Dual Language Leadership Team )DLLT) to plan how it will be delivered to DLE teachers
  • Is an active lead member of the school's Dual Language Leadership Team (DLLT) and ensures the team collects and reviews data on teacher learning and student assessments
  • Collaborates regularly with the school's administration to plan for teacher targeted support (provides training or guidance and coaching to implementing and planning yearDLE teachers)
  • Coordinates and organizes DLLT meetings, on a regular basis as agreed upon (bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Is the liaison between the Local School Council (LSC) and the Office of Language and Cultural Education (OLCE) around DLE
  • Is the point person who leads and collaborates with the DLLT on the development of the school's Dual Language Self-Assessment and Dual Language Action Plan
  • Updates and Monitors progress on the School's Dual Language Action Plan including submitting documents to OLCE
  • Supports staff in the identification of quality instructional bilingual and bicultural materials
  • Promotes the program in educational forums inside and outside of the school (including SPED personnel)
  • Informs various stakeholders (parents, school staff and community) about the DLE program
  • Reviews the CPS dual language handbook to ensure the school's program follows program guidelines and procedures, implementation timeline, language allocation and schedules
  • Provides dual language professional development to school staff (PLC, book studies, coaching, etc.)
  • Assists in scheduling and administration of DLE tests
  • Participates in additional dual language professional development offered by OLCE, or organizations outside of the district
  • Submits required DLE information on ASPEN and follows up on any Data reporting requests

  • Uses OLCE's walkthrough tools to visits and observes all DLE classrooms, provides constructive feedback to teachers and ensures the program is being implemented according to best practices as well as CPS 80:20 DLE guidelines.
  • Supports administration in creating systems and structures for delivering job embedded professional development and monitoring of DLE program
  • Supports classroom teachers by modeling best practices, sharing instructional feedback as needed, coordinating peer observations, etc.
  • Assists teachers with dual language scheduling to ensure fidelity to district's guidance
  • Meets with teachers to discuss instructional and programmatic related issues
  • Collaborates with the facilitation of site/classroom visits for partner CPS DLE schools when requested by OLCE
  • Leads teachers in learning about dual language strategies and assessments through a PLC
  • Provides information and recommendations on quality instructional approaches
  • Conducts Walkthroughs and collaborates with ELPT to ensure instruction is rigorous

  • Provides support and information to parents in the program and to the community they serve
  • Leads the DLLT in organizing parent meetings to inform and/or solicit feedback about the dual language program
  • Maintains ongoing communication with parents to avoid or minimize the attrition rate
  • Advises Administration around recruitment of qualified teachers
  • Schedules and presents at least two DLE informational meetings to the parents of incoming students and those already enrolled in the program, as well as the community at large
  • Provides school developed pamphlets about DLE program and/or updates DLE program information in the school's website
  • Serves as a liaison between the school, the community and other educational institutions, such as universities, other schools, educational centers, etc.
  • Publicizes and promotes the program by presenting at DLE conferences and workshops.
  • Develops and establishes networks with other teachers, principals, schools, neighboring districts, institutions, and Dual Language Education Coordinators.

Physical Requirements:Light Work: Exerting up to twenty (20) pounds of force occasionally, or up to ten (10) pounds of force frequently, or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects. Physical demands include the ability to stoop occasionally, reach frequently, handle objects occasionally, talk and hear constantly, frequent use of near visual acuity, and occasional use of far visual acuity.


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