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Director of Studies (DOS)

St. Andrew's College Language Schools
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May 29, 2023

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Manager / Director
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Director of Studies (DOS) - St Andrews College | High Quality English Language Courses Work with us Vacancies Director of Studies (DOS) Work with Us
Director of Studies (DOS)
Positions available in Ayr, Glasgow, Paisley, Edinburgh, London, Medway, Manchester, Brighton, Colchester, Canterbury and Gloucester. Total Salary: £685.00 per week Accommodation: Included Duration: Summer 2023 Reports to: Director of Studies reports to the St. Andrew's College Language Schools' Senior Management Team Apply for this position Essential Requirements Educated to degree level (Level 6) +Cambridge DELTA or Trinity College London, Dip TESOL or PGCE TEFL/TESOL or a taught post-graduate course (MA equivalent) in TEFL/TESOL, including at least 6 hours of supervised teaching practice (TEFLQ Status).At least 3 years' full-time EFL experience.Awareness of the responsibilities of working with students who are under the age of 18.Computer literate and able to deal with large amounts of data.Able to adapt quickly to change. Desirable Requirements Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.More than three years' full-time EFL experience.Proven competence in academic leadership.Proven people management skills.Proven competence in administration.Smart personal appearance. The Director of Studies is responsible for the implementation and administration of all aspects of the academic programme, including the management of the teaching team and their performance.

This is a management position and you should therefore expect a demanding workload. Working hours are spread over a 42-hour working week*.

*Working hours may vary according to the needs of the campus, your working week will be 6 days and will include a Saturday.

The role of a DOS incorporates the following:

  • Ensuring the safety and welfare of all students at all times
  • With the other members of the on-campus management team, ensuring that a high-quality, collegiate programme is delivered, following our guidelines, integrating lessons and activities where possible
  • Overall Management of the academic programme and teaching team, ensuring it is of the highest standard possible, so students derive the maximum benefit from their course.

On the application form, you will be required to declare any criminal convictions and your eligibility to work in the UK.

In accordance with British Council accreditation criterion S4, you must provide a Disclosure (PVG from Disclosure Scotland /'Enhanced' from Disclosure and Barring Service in England) and that this must be dated within three months from the start date of employment. If you have been working abroad for more than 3 months, you must provide the equivalent 'police check' from that country. Whichever one you choose to supply, it must be specific to your suitability to work with under 18s. Disclosure checks made through St. Andrew's College Language Schools are payable by the employee (£18 to £59). The Company reserve the right to deduct the cost of these checks as soon as the process has started and regardless of the completion of the process. Any employees appointed after 31st of May will automatically be required to complete a disclosure check due to time constraints.

You must also provide an email address and contact telephone number of 3 referees who can verify your suitability for the post and suitability to work with those aged -18. One of which can be a character reference.

Please bear in mind that the procedure to receiving a disclosure check can take up to 18 weeks. In the event your disclosure is still pending at the commencement of your employment, you must agree to comply with St Andrew's College Language Schools, Safeguarding and Recruitment Policy.

All new disclosure checks made through St Andrew's College Language Schools are payable by the employee and will be deducted from your salary. This may range from £18 to £59 depending on the disclosure you need.

Main Duties and Responsibilities Welfare, Safeguarding and Health and Safety To have read and understood the staff handbook and be fully conversant with our policies for the welfare and protection of students. While on duty, all staff are responsible for the care, welfare and safety of students.To have been inducted to at least level 2 safeguarding.Ensure that all St Andrew's College Language Schools Health & Safety policies are implemented and monitored.Be able to name and identify the First Aid people and follow the First Aid policies on campus.Be familiar with and ready to implement the Emergency Action Plan.Be familiar with and ready to follow the Fire Safety regulations.Know and follow St. Andrew's College Language Schools' rules and regulations and those set by the specific campus/centre and share with the students and staff.Know who to talk to and have the contact details of the relevant people in the company and on the campus regarding any concerns with the above.Keep a record of all welfare, safeguarding and Health and Safety problems, solutions and outcomes per guidelines. The Student Experience

Google Drive

Use the Google drive to record, organise and manage the academic programme, including the classing of students, allocation of classes and classrooms, creation of class lists, registers and communication with teachers and Senior Management Team.Use the Master Spreadsheet to record and organise student data and information and plan and process intakes.

Placement tests

Liaise with Centre Manger as to location, format (online or paper) and whether welcome speeches will also take place. Format will vary depending on campus facilities.Provide a clear guide to staff as of how to deliver the placement test.Organise the professional monitoring of placement tests.Organise the efficient marking of placement tests.Organise the teaching of temporary testing classes while placement tests are being marked, using the provided St Andrew's College teaching materials.Liaise with Group leaders, where necessary, to clarify the holistic testing process and how students' results inform classing decisions.

Classing students

Create Class Lists and Class Registers of no more than 15 students from the results of the Placement Test, taking into consideration age, level of English, multi-national mix and continuity.Students should know which class they will be placed in ASAP. Same day (for early arrivals), in advance of next day (for late arrivals). Per guidelines.Liaise with Group leaders to approve Class Lists.Maintain accurate, daily class lists and oversee the accurate keeping of classroom registers.Monitor the online class attendance within the first ten minutes of class, per guidelines.Follow up on anything of concern on the online class register.Check that lesson logs are being completed after each class.Present accurate and up to date 'Teaching and Learning signage/information' for students, clients and staff in the designated areas on campus.

Student Certificates

Organise, advertise and lead in the running of the Students Certificate/Graduation ceremony as directed.Ensure names are accurate by checking in advance of printing with group leaders.Print, in advance, and distribute the students' certificates, as directed.Where directed, send back-up PDF versions of certificates to group leaders/agents.Return students' books.

Student records

Complete documentation and proper student records as required.Mange the Risk Assessment Forms for 'out of class' lessons.Any other paperwork that may be required due to changing circumstances. Management of Teaching and Learning Team
  • Teach when necessary e.g. teacher absence/sickness/insufficient student numbers.
  • Represent St Andrew's College Language Schools positively in all conversations with clients, staff, and the host centre.


  • Lead the Academic Staff Induction Day, usually one or two days prior to the students' arrival, following company guidelines and fully induct any new Teaching and Learning staff member who may start during your contract.

Meetings and Working Environment

  • Run and record staff meetings and optional sessions corresponding to the needs of the teachers.
  • Daily meeting for everyday updates.
  • Weekly meeting for whole team feedback.
  • Individual meetings if required and for appraisal.
  • Facilitate weekly Teacher Development workshops, meetings and others as required.
  • Run a functional teacher room/office environment from which to work.
  • Use the available space to clearly communicate essential information with the teaching team and other campus staff.
  • Keep the provided resources well organised and inventoried, following company guidelines.
  • Provide a safe, hospitable and inclusive environment for teaching staff to plan and prepare lessons and foster a positive working atmosphere.
  • Monitor and be responsible for all academic resources and equipment.
  • Be responsible for the distribution, organisation and stock taking of Students' and Teachers' books, following company guidelines.
  • At the end of contract/summer school term, pack and return all stock and equipment per guidelines.

Maintaining Staff Records

  • Maintain accurate staff records, in accordance with company guidelines.
  • Create accurate and up-to-date staff rotas/timetables.
  • Update staff personnel files as requested and maintain their confidentiality.
  • Log accurate weekly record of staff hours.
  • Log and maintain an accurate summary of 'problems, solutions and outcomes' following company guidelines.

Teachers' duties and responsibilities

  • Manage the academic team and implementation of the Academic Programme delivery per St Andrew's College Language Schools guidelines and procedures.
  • Ensure that a high standard of teaching is maintained. Throughout the department, supporting teachers in planning, preparing and teaching English language lessons that are relevant and appropriate to the students' learning needs, interests and cultures, whilst following the St Andrew's College Language Schools' Academic Programme.
  • Be fully conversant with the Senior Teacher and Teachers' job descriptions and lead and manage their positions accordingly, ensuring that all members of the teaching and learning team adhere to the following:
  • Foster a safe and positive atmosphere for both students and colleagues.
  • Show initiative, take responsibility and set a good example for students both in and outside the classroom.
  • Corridor safety, chaperoning classes to venues etc.
  • Be prepared for and ready to integrate and include new students, making sure that continuous enrolment is taken into consideration and that new students are welcomed into classes.
  • Be willing to try new approaches in lessons and utilise the potential of the resources in the classrooms.
  • Use, be responsible for and exploit students' books and any materials provided to students that St. Andrew's College Language Schools deem 'essential'.
  • Work with teaching colleagues to share experience and knowledge.
  • Include, in lessons, strategies for independent learning both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Deliver student-centred lessons with a strong emphasis on developing oral communication.
  • Set clear learning aims and ensure students know what they are learning and why they are learning it.
  • Ensure students record their learning achievements in their books.
  • Follow the company guidelines on board work.
Teacher Development and Quality Assurance
  • Be proactive, offering support to teachers before it is requested, guiding and supporting newly qualified, less-experienced teachers or those needing assistance per guidelines.
  • During induction have teaching staff complete a teaching self-assessment/needs analysis at the beginning and end of their contract.
  • Organise and contribute to the staff profile (staff room walls).
  • Be willing to share knowledge informally or through leading a short teacher development session and look for experienced/knowledgeable teachers who are willing to lead sessions.
  • Take part in the employee appraisal system. Additional feedback may be given at the end of the course.
  • Perform an on-the-spot observation of all teachers during their first week of employment for quality assurance and professional development. Use findings to inform the focus of Continuing Professional Development sessions.
  • Formally observe and appraise all teaching staff (at least once per contract) and give timely, constructive, documented feedback on performance and ensure that teachers provide a detailed lesson plan for this occasion and file
  • Organise an agreed feedback session and provide and keep a record of the feedback per
  • Support and prepare teachers in advance of being observed by a visiting British Council Inspector ( in the event of your campus being inspected ). Ensure that they provide a simple lesson plan for this occasion using the provided proforma and that they attend the agreed feedback session.

Teaching and Learning Management positions (Senior Teacher and Director of Studies/Academic Manager) are required to attend an induction covering the main aspects of the job: the Google Drive, Teaching and Learning expectations, Child Protection and Safeguarding and company Health and Safety guidelines and, if an inspection year, inspection. Attendance is mandatory as the information and guidance you will receive is essential to your ability to successfully carry out your job.

Induction will be paid at the rate of £10.42 / hour. This payment will be made on completion of agreed contract and on return of all company resources and property.

If your position is residential, meals will be provided from the first students' arrival, and while meals for students are provided on campus.

Additional Duties

Organise 'Group Leader' sessions.

  • Organise an introduction to the teaching and learning programme and management team, focusing on the teaching practises, the resources and the courses, whilst learning and addressing Group Leader and company expectations.
  • Respond to feedback in a timely, positive and constructive manner, whilst following company guidelines.
  • Provide support to Senior Teachers in the running of the teacher training programme.


  • Maintain regular contact with Senior Management Team.
  • Complete the Daily Feedback Form.
  • Report any other arising issues such as staffing shortage, disciplinary issues, safeguarding concerns and urgent feedback from students, teachers or group leaders as necessary.
  • Communicate regularly with Group Leaders regarding changes, absences and concerns.
  • Promptly inform teachers, students and Group Leaders of any last-minute changes to timetabling.

Establish and maintain regular open communications with:

St Andrew's College Campus Management team: Centre Manager, Activity Manager, Welfare Officer and Activity Leaders Clients Senior Management

Provide daily updates with the Company, or 'other named person' in an agreed format.

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