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Event - 2018 TESOL Recruiter Pavilion
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Located in the Expo hall, the Recruiter Pavilion has recruiters from more than 30 organizations. Candidate participation is free. Be sure to create a profile on the TESOL Career Center well in advance of the convention to make the most of jobs available and to schedule your interviews.

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Interviews are 30 minutes in length and will be held on-site.
Attending Employers
28-30 March 2018

The American University of Afghanistan is Afghanistan’s only nationally accredited, private, not-for-profit, non-partisan and co-educational university. It opened its doors in 2006 with an initial enrollment of 50 students, and today enrolls more than 1,700 full and part-time students. It has produced dozens of Fulbright Scholars and maintains partnerships with the world’s most prestigious universities, including Stanford University, Georgetown University, University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the University of California network.

Amerigo supports international students at U.S. high schools with a holistic and supportive approach that emphasizes success and growth.We help international students seeking a preparatory education in the United States thrive both in and out of the American classroom. Combining a nurturing boarding environment, supplemental academic support, English language development, and an approach oriented around successful college outcomes, Amerigo prepares students with the skills, values, and care required to succeed in high school, at the college level, and beyond.

Bilkent University School of English Language (BUSEL) prepares students for the English medium academic studies in the faculties and schools of Bilkent University and professional lives beyond. Bilkent University is the first foundation university in Turkey ranking 37th in the Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies University Rankings 2017. Bilkent University has been named as Turkeys highest-ranked university in the latest Quacquarelli Symonds Graduate Employability Rankings for 2018. Bilkent University is among Top 50 in THE Asia University Rankings March 2017. Bilkent University has been listed among the worlds elite institutions in 9 of the 46 subjects covered by this years QS World University Rankings by Subject. BUSEL provides instructors with a professional, stimulating place to work and offers Cambridge English ICELT and DELTA qualifications, and Certificate in Teaching EAP on scholarship to them. BUSEL consists of two programs The English Language Preparatory Program which brings students' English Level up to the level required for study in their faculties and schools and The Faculty Academic English Program (FAE) provides credit-bearing English courses for academic or professional purposes once students are in their faculties and schools. BUSEL is possibly one of the largest English Language schools in the world teaching English to around 6,000 students each semester. The school currently has more than 200 instructors, twenty-five percent of whom are native speakers of English, and 15 administrative and support staff. Further information about BUSEL, details about the positions and the application form are given in website http://busel.bilkent.edu.tr/?page_id=458

DaDaABC is an online English teaching company that offers ESL to Chinese children. Having a myriad of famous investors such as QINGSONG FUND, FEIMA FUND, DRAGONRISE CAPITAL, and YONGHUA CAPITAL, DaDaABC has a banking investment totaling several hundred million dollars. DaDaABC attracts hundreds of thousands of students, and is one of the largest online English teaching companies for children in China. This is a new Language School offering online English classes for young learners from 5 to 16 years old, using our own web-based educational platform. It focuses on 1 on 1 English tutoring. We are recruiting part-time English teachers all year round, who can give fun and interactive English classes to our students via video-conference.

DLIFLC is DoD’s premier school for culturally based foreign language education and training, with classroom instruction, mobile training teams, and on-line materials tailored for students at all levels of required proficiency or performance. The institute is attended by all four branches of the military service and select individuals sponsored by their agencies.

Dipont Education is a leading education services group in China. Driven by its mission to provide quality education that equips young people for success in the fast changing world, Dipont has pioneered in the development and customization of international programs for Chinese students since 1990s. Years of exploration and experimentation give Dipont rich insights into China's K-12 education landscape and a unique edge in innovation. Partnering with schools, communities and international organizations, Dipont now operates a variety of school-based, after-school and exchange programs, from kindergarten to 12th grade, to help students grow into critical thinkers, creative inquirers, responsible world citizens, and above all, happy individuals. Dipont's operations are organized into four segments: Operation of Independent Schools Dipont provides all-round operational support to independent schools. Services include: education investment consulting, resource planning, project blueprinting, program and curriculum design, recruitment and management of expatriate teaching staff, academic quality control and day-to-day operation. International High School Programs Dipont provides all-in-one solutions to high schools interested to offer international curricula, which include: the introduction and localization of international curricula, recruitment and management of expat teachers, academic quality management, school-based admissions counselors and related consulting services. As of 2016, Dipont supports a network of 35 reputable A-Level, AP and IBDP centers across 17 cities in China. ENREACH International Kindergarten (for 3 to 6 year olds) ENREACH International Kindergarten is an internationally minded education program designed for three to six year olds in China, the scope of which extends beyond curriculum-based instruction to include age appropriate learning outcomes, assessment and evaluation tools, teacher training and parental involvement. This program will be offered by Dipont or through its partnership with local kindergartens. ENREACH International Education ENREACH International Education provides after-school programs and education services for students. Its offerings include academic planning, enrichment courses, extra-curricular programs, study abroad, test prep and college admissions counseling. ENREACH endeavors to open more doors for students in a globally connected society. Inspired by its vision to break boundaries in education, Dipont strives to extend quality learning opportunities to a broad student base through innovation, high-impact partnerships and an entrepreneurial spirit. In 2011, Dipont started WE-World Education, a bilingual magazine and forum for high school students with a focus on international education. In 2012, Dipont launched a National High School Academic Debate Tournament. In the years to come, Dipont will continue to lead the way in offering quality international programs, engage partners and stakeholders in meaningful dialog about education, and ultimately drive positive changes in China's K-12 sector.

ELI-UJ Vision: Premier English language, education and research institute in the Gulf region serving the wider community. ELI-UJ Mission: We provide our students with a progressive language curriculum infused with thinking and communication skills. This mission is pursued through contextualized unique research and professional staff development. Our expertise also extends across corporate business. ELI Goals: •Prepare students academically to meet the course requirements and language proficiency. •Encourage research environment through publishing high-quality articles in the Institute of English Education Journal, newsletters and international conferences. •Encourage all teaching staff to obtain English teaching certifications. •Establish professional development culture through organizing an annual conference and extended PD activities. •Maintain a professional administration environment through training of administrators and personnel and enhancing the institute’s policies and procedures. •Extend the language program by introducing tailored EAP courses that suit the wider community. •Incorporate technology tools to enhance the institute’s overall performance. •Support the university’s fund through establishing fund-raising external sources for the Institute of English Education. •To constantly raise the level of satisfaction among other university’s faculties and extended community sectors.

The University of Tabuk was established in 2006 and is a part of the Saudi Arabian government’s ambitious investment in higher education. In the longer term, the university aims to grow to 50,000 students. The English Language Center (ELC) is responsible for all the university’s English language programs. The main course is the intensive Preparatory Year English Program, which students must complete prior to regular undergraduate studies. The English language program currently has over 34000 students enrolled on 10 campuses in the city and region of Tabuk. Historic Tabuk is situated in northwest Saudi Arabia. It is well connected, with direct flights to Dubai, Cairo, and major Saudi cities. It is near Jordan (2 hours’ drive) and the Aqaba seaside resort (3 hours), the Red Sea divers’ paradise with pristine beaches, and Egypt with the Sharm-el-Sheik seaside resort. Nearby are the holy city of Medina and the ancient site of Madain Saleh. Tabuk enjoys a high elevation, dry, sunny weather, and moderate temperatures (17 – 40 Cº) throughout the year. Finally, the biggest attraction for foreigners is the newly planned Neom city (26,500 sq. km), a transnational city and an economic zone to be constructed in Tabuk region, Saudi Arabia. A city of the future, the likes of which the world has never seen except maybe in science fiction books and movies. It is to be built from scratch on 10,231 square miles of untouched land including territory from within the Egyptian and Jordanian borders. It will be an independent zone, with its own regulations and social norms, created specifically to be in service of economic progress and the well-being of its citizens, in the hopes of attracting the world’s top talent and making Neom a hub of trade, innovation, and creativity.

The Universidad del Norte is a higher education institution located on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. It was institutionally accredited for its excellence in academics in September 2003 by the National Ministry of Education of Colombia. Founded in 1966, the Universidad del Norte has a student population of 11,000 undergraduates and graduates and is comprised of 6 academic divisions: Engineering, Administrative Science, Health Science, Legal Science, Humanities and Social Science, Basic Science and the Institute of Studies in Education. Currently, it offers 20 undergraduate and 83 post-graduate diploma programs as well as 28 master’s and 4 doctoral degree programs. 84% of its full-time faculty professors have Master’s and Doctorate degrees. Thanks to its national ranking and its international prospects, the university is recognized for its important academic work and stands out for its student and professor mobility, national and international cooperation agreements, double-degree programs, among others. The Instituto de Idiomas offers classes to both undergraduate students (who are required to take 8 semesters of a foreign language) and the external community courses in English, German, French, Mandarin, Portugese, Italian, and Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Guilford County Schools (GCS) is the third largest district in the state serving more than 72,500 students across 126 schools in urban, suburban and rural areas. Tucked away in central North Carolina, GCS is diverse both in its student body and in its academics. The district serves students who speak 117 languages/dialects and who represent 95 countries. There are more than 10,000 special education students and more than 13,000 advanced learners. The district is a national leader in magnet/school choice programs, offering 53 magnet programs satisfying a varied range of ages, skill levels and interests.

Khoroshkola is a non-profit private school in Moscow. Founded 5 years ago as a kindergarten and a primary school, it has recently extended the scope to include middle and high school. A newly built spacious and well-equipped campus was launched September 1, 2017, to accommodate middle and high school students and staff. The campus features the most up-to-date science, sports, art, tech facilities to cater for the needs of every learner. Striving to be one of the most exemplary learner-centered environments, the school community is on its way to developing and utilising the most appropriate and effective combination of approaches to teaching and learning within its context to cater for the multitude of different learning needs within the school. Some of the approaches include ongoing reflective practices, individual learning tracks based on the learner’s conscious (informed) choices, criterion-referenced formative and summative assessments, Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), etc. Khoroshkola is currently on its way to the implementation of the personalised mastery methodology. The school already hosts a number of international members of staff and seeks to expand it to further on foster the multiculturalism and international mindedness among the school community as well as to bring more educational expertise from a diversity of successful educational systems.

The Preparatory Year Program is responsible for developing the English proficiency necessary for students at KFUPM, where English is the medium of instruction. Students first complete up to five 8-week intensive English modules (each twenty hours per week). The modules are interconnected from General English through to English for Academic Purposes.The program employs 90 English speaking teachers. Interviews@Chicago 2018 TESOL Convention March 28, 29, 30 Skype Interviews are also available for suitable candidates. Contact recruite@kfupm.edu.sa for more information.

Pattison Education Group, located in the cities of Harbin and Daqing, China, includes language schools, young learners schools, kindergartens, high school programs and teen/adult programs. Our classes are divided nearly equally between one on one classes and small group (usually less than eight students) classes. We have nearly 50 foreign teachers primarily from Australia and the US and close to 300 Chinese teachers. As we continue to expand and update our courses, we're looking for creative and motivated teachers to join our dynamic team.

PROULEX-Universidad de Guadalajara is a successful and profitable company that has been offering language and computer courses for kids, teenagers and adults in since 1987. Mission 2020 To educate people by fostering the achievement of their goals. Vision 2020 To be the leading institution with international projection in the teaching and certification of languages and information technologies as well as in the professionalization and certification of language teachers nationwide. Additional Information The University of Guadalajara is the second most prestigious university in the country. The university is heading towards an international standard level. Therefore, its students must acquire a second language to be part of exchange programs and scholarships. Hence, the creation of the program JOBS by Proulex. Why Work in Guadalajara? Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. The city is located in the central region of Jalisco in the Western-Pacific area of Mexico. Guadalajara is a city full of excitement, culture and history. Known for its great year-round weather, colonial architecture, friendly people, amazing regional cuisine, tequila and mariachi, the city offers a taste of traditional Mexico with a modern feel. Located outside of Guadalajara is The Tequila Trail where you can find some of the world’s most recognized tequila distilleries. Furthermore, Guadalajara is also within a few hours of beautiful Mexican beaches. If the beach is not your thing, then you can visit nearby ‘Magical Towns’ Mazamitla or Tapalpa where you can enjoy the tranquility of a cabin in the surrounding forest.

SLOTH, stands for Second Language Oversea Talent Headhunter and is a headhunting firm that helps numerous educational institutions recruit Native English Speakers to teach English in China. Our base camp is located in Dalian, a coastal city in Northeast of China. However, job opportunities are widely available in most major cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen etc.

Centre For Preparatory Studies-Oman

Tokyo International University (TIU), located in the greater Tokyo area, is a private institution focused on "nurturing truly international-minded people" through academic, art, and sports activities.

Vinnell Arabia is the leader in Adult Learning and support services in Saudi Arabia. We answer our customer’s requirements perfectly and have done so for over 40 years. Vinnell Arabia has been working for the Ministry of the National Guard (MNG) and U.S. Army Office of the Program Manager – Saudi Arabia National Guard Modernization Program (OPM-SANG) since 1975 both here in Riyadh and throughout Saudi Arabia. We are proud to be the flag-ship English Language program providing World Class English Language Training and equally proud of our longstanding relationship and partnership with the MNG and OPM-SANG, however; we are not standing still, we are continually striving to improve ourselves; our performance, our systems, and our contribution to the successes of our MNG and OPM-SANG partners. We are continually developing our workforce and recruiting new talent. If you are interested in employment with Vinnell Arabia and have the skills and professionalism needed to join our team do not hesitate to contact myself or one of our recruiters on our web site at www.vinnellarabia.com Clyde Thomas Senior Employment Representative Northrop Grumman Technology Services, Inc., U.S. Recruitment Vinnell Arabia, LLC Phone: 571-265-2697 Clyde.thomas@ngc.com

Xi’an Jiaotong–Liverpool University (XJTLU) is a unique collaborative institution, the first and currently the only university in China to offer both UK and Chinese accredited undergraduate degrees. As an independent Sino-Foreign cooperative university, it captures the essence of both prestigious parent universities. Following its opening in 2006, the first cohort of undergraduate XJTLU students graduated in August 2010. The university now has over 13,000 registered undergraduate and postgraduate students, and this number is set to grow further in the coming years.

Yasar University, an English medium, non-profit university, is located in the centre of the city of Izmir on the scenic west coast of Turkey. The university offers over 60 degree programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Students are given every opportunity to make the most of their university years; a professional education in a supportive learning environment.The University’s links with the business sector and global universities make the campus an ideal environment for personal development and learning with an international dimension. One of the seven schools forming the university, the School of Foreign Languages is located in the main campus and houses three programs under its umbrella; i. The Modern Languages program offering second language courses for 9 different languages ii. The English for Academic Purposes program offering Advanced English Courses to freshmen and sophomore students iii. The English Preparatory Class serving as the Intensive English Program and preparing students for the English-medium departments For further information about the SoFL please visit http://ydy.yasar.edu.tr/en/

YDS Publishing was founded in 2005. Closely monitoring the system and curricula of the Turkish Ministry of National Education and catching up with the latest amendments to these, YDS Publishing produces foreign language teaching/learning materials ranging from nursery, primary, secondary and high school publications to the supplementary materials for national exams, and markets and sells them all around Turkey.
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