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About Alasala Colleges


Alasala Colleges is a young institution in Dammam in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Established in 2016 it contains four faculties, with the accreditation process currently underway to become a University. Alasala Colleges has 3,100 undergraduate students and over 150 staff members and is set to grow further in the coming years. All four faculties provide excellence within every activity at the four different colleges; based on an innovative and dynamic knowledge- and skills-orientated curriculum, male and female undergraduate students are guided by international faculty through their respective disciplinary studies.

Alasala offers an open-minded, international, and stimulating academic environment to support its students’ learning. Alasala’s target is nothing less than shaping the future leaders of Saudi Arabia in the fields of architecture and interior design, business, engineering, and law by engaging and developing its students’ personalities – to act with respect, deliver excellent output, and remain open to new ideas. Alasala’s graduates will act as interfaces between the famous history of Saudi Arabia and its brightly shining future. Be part of an exciting new era of Saudi academic achievement as one of our team members.

Mission: Education for Employment and Entrepreneurship.  Vision: To provide the community with the ambitious and distinguished cadres of education enabling them to lead and operate the development and its processes towards a vibrant and prosperous Kingdom. We seek with our students to organize creative projects and create job opportunities and developments in our society due to the sharing of viewpoints, creative thinking, innovation, and the ability to understand responsibilities.

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