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LCC International University is an accredited, BA granting Christian liberal arts university located in Klaipeda, Lithuania, on the Baltic Sea. Established in 1991 by a joint venture of Lithuanian, Canadian and American foundations, LCC seeks to engage students in a transforming educational experience in order to create a generation of leaders for Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics. Graduates are expected to be able to think critically, promote democratic ideals, develop a market economy, and rebuild the network of civil society within the context of a Christian worldview. We believe that LCC offers a unique missional experience to those who are interested in using the Christian liberal arts educational model and a relational campus community in engaging students in transformational education. The scope of this mission called LCC now extends to 50+ countries, as more than 70% of our students come from outside of Lithuania. In fact, we essentially offer an opportunity to affect lives in countries that would be very difficult to enter in other ways, countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, as well as Syria, Iraq, etc. As you are considering a possibility of joining LCC, please note that the footprint of the opportunities extends far beyond the small country of Lithuania. Our institutional research agenda extends from the themes of our institutional identity – Christian; cultural and linguistic diversity; relationally oriented community; conflict transformation; liberal arts – to the broad areas of our teaching and programming: Business, Communication, International Relations and Development, English, Psychology, and Theology. LCC has a Research Center – the Center for Faith and Human Flourishing – which exemplifies some of research areas we highly value: 1. Migration, Economic Development & Flourishing Communities 2. Trauma, Relationships, Flourishing Individuals and Families 3. Textual Studies, Faith and Conceptions of Flourishing Our research areas are broadly understood, and we seek additional research productivity to expand and enhance our agenda as we empower researchers and affiliate faculty in their individual areas of interest. To read more about research at LCC please visit this site -

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