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  • Trends in ELT PD: Micro-Credentials

    • Feb 25, 2020
    • Stephanie Marcotte

    Micro-credentials are a growing trend in professional development (PD), and they can be found across various teaching and learning contexts. These credentials are personalized, accessible, shareable, and “stackable” (allowing you to progress on a career path), and they are often rooted in various teaching- and learning-based competencies.

  • Freelance Language Teachers: Negotiating Authenticity and Legitimacy at the Periphery

    • Oct 22, 2019
    • Allie Spencer Patterson

    This multiple case study explores the means through which freelance teachers establish their legitimacy in their classrooms outside of formal institutions.

  • EFL Teachers’ Reflective Practice, Job Satisfaction, and school Context Cariables: Exploring Possible Relationships

    • Jun 20, 2019
    • Mohammad Aliakbari Reza Khany Maryam Adibpour

    Concentrating on job satisfaction and five school context variables—teacher autonomy, collegial support, time pressure, student demotivation, and student discipline problems—this study explored the interplay of these variables with reflective teaching and their relative contributions to prediction of teacher reflection.