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Which Teacher Wellness PD Is Right for You? [QUIZ]

Published on: Nov 28, 2022

teacher wellness quiz

We’ve created salary advancement courses and teacher professional development since the 80s. That might not mean much to you, at least not at first. But the timeline matters. Here’s why: In those 30-something years, we’ve listened to what teachers tell us about their exact needs inside and outside of the classroom.

Sure, many educators want to sharpen their math pedagogy or discover how to gamify their lesson plans. But several teachers who choose Advancement Courses to propel their careers forward have discovered what sits right at the tip-top of their pyramid of needs.

Teacher wellness.

Your job means caring for other people, understanding their needs, developing custom-designed solutions, delivering on those promises, and making adjustments based on results. But so often, teachers get stuck in a rinse-and-repeat cycle that relegates their own mental health to the lowest possible priority.

Educator wellness professional development can help you create a new reality. The question is: Which teacher wellness PD is right for you?

Take the quiz now.

This article first appeared on Advancement Courses.