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Ten years later: Reexamining the TESOL Technology Standards for Language Teachers

Written by: Xiaorui Sun
Published on: Jan 23, 2023

teachers and technology
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The TESOL Technology Standards were developed for language teachers to better understand how to use technology appropriately.

This article explores the following questions: (1) After 10 years since its publication, are the TESOL Technology Standards for Language Teachers (2011) still applicable to the current educational context? and (2) What potential updates are needed?

To answer these questions, a panel of practitioners with expertise and experience in language teaching, computer-assisted language Learning (CALL), and instructional technology were recruited to provide perspectives. Data collection utilized an online survey and a semi-structured interview protocol.

Findings reveal that the TESOL Technology Standards for Language Teachers remain applicable and helpful to teachers in current contexts. However, further updates for performance indicators are needed, such as learning with mobile applications, learner data privacy, and other issues that have been emerging over the decade.

Addressing this need is crucial for furthering the research and guiding teacher education programs, teacher educators, individual teachers and other relevant stakeholders who pursue the effective technology integration in current and future educational contexts.

Informed by qualitative data, this research recommends using the TESOL Technology Standards for Language Teachers as guidelines to train teachers for technology integration.

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