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Teaching About Indigenous Peoples in the EFL Classroom: Practical Approaches to the Development of Intercultural Competence

Written by: Helen Margaret Murray
Published on: Feb 20, 2023

Native American girl
Photo credit: ruslanita/Adobe Stock

This article considers how theories about intercultural competence can be used when teaching about Indigenous peoples in the English as a foreign language (EFL) classroom. Intercultural understanding and communicative competence are important skills for pupils to develop for living in modern multicultural societies.

Although based on the requirements of the Norwegian curriculum, the suggestions made in this article are applicable to all EFL classrooms where topics relating to Indigenous peoples are taught.

After brief discussion of relevant theories concerning the development of intercultural competence, practical approaches to teaching are suggested. These can guide teachers when creating teaching modules on topics relating to Indigenous peoples.

The article discusses how using authentic materials, avoiding stereotyping, and redressing the balance of power when teaching about Indigenous peoples in the EFL classroom can lead to the development of intercultural understanding.

The practical approaches for how pupils can work with topics relating to Indigenous peoples include suggestions for activities and discussion questions taken from the author’s own teaching materials.

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