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3 Considerations When Creating Professional Development Opportunities

Written by: Craig Shapiro
Published on: Feb 20, 2024

Engage Inspire and Empower

Photo Credit: Jon Anders Wiken - stock.adobe.c

I’d like you to answer the following question: Has your professional development experience been one where you’ve felt valued, respected and can utilize what was learned in a quick, effective, and timely manner?

Now close your eyes and think deeply about your answer. I did! Most of the time, the results could have been better. It’s not hard to guess that you may have had similar experiences. 

I focus on three core considerations that will make professional development something for you to be excited about. To be clear, there are more than three keys to successful professional growth. But for the scope of this article, I’ve focused on three that are generally easily attainable and will help transform your learning community.

I have found that the term professional development can be misused. In many of my experiences as a presenter, I consistently strive for professional learning as a goal. Yes, the development of specific skills sounds excellent. Still, as is often the case, professional development/learning usually has new information or new topics. Staff might need more background knowledge when this occurs, so professional learning may often seem more worthwhile regarding usage and clarity.

Professional learning is when staff can implement valuable ideas, and strategies or become inspired by what’s being explored. As educators, learning is a core tenet we value for students. It should be no different in our own lives. Whether presenter or observer, consider professional learning the ultimate goal as you move forward. Now on to the three key considerations when creating a successful, engaging program. 

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